Our mirror service is changing to better serve the free and open-source community

- Mar 1, 2021

In our endeavour to provide a world-class service, Fosshost is making changes to the mirror service. Thanks to Fastly CDN sponsorship, our mirror service will change the addresses to mirrors.fosshost.org and mirrors.fossho.st.

With this change, Fosshost will provide a faster and better performing mirror service to the free and open-source community, in several global locations. Some locations include Boston, Dubai, London, Toronto, Cape Town, among many others. You can see the list of all available locations here. Previously, our mirror service only provided 2 locations.

The old mirror addresses, uk.mirrors.fossho.st and us.mirrors.fossho.st, will cease to operate. If you are using the previous addresses, please change them to one of the new ones, as they will become unavailable soon.

We have sent a further follow up email to projects impacted by this change.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.